J.R. Blackwell (blackwell) wrote,
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In Honor of Evil Plots

LiLi3.14 squawked with alarm.

“Warning! Warning! Johnny Jigg! The B.E.M.’s have landed at Capital City!” Johnny Jigg, intrepid Captain of the Starship Wonder Comet, sprung from his seat.

“What do those scurvy aliens want?” he commanded.

“According to their radio transmissions, they want to steal our women and take over the Galaxy!” At this, Josi Jewel, secret Princess of the Hawk people, and former exotic dancer, fainted directly into Johnny’s arms.

“We’ll never let them get away with it!” exclaimed Johnny. “Engage the Gernsback drive and take us to Capital City!”

“Aye Aye Captain!” beeped the little copper Robot. Johnny brandished his Niven-RayRingun.

“Capital City is my hometown, and by golly, I’ll never let anything happen to my home, my ship, or my girl, in that order.” The Wonder Comet sped through space, directly toward the B.E.M Invasion.

Will Johnny Jigg repel the alien invasion? Will he lose his hometown, ship and girl to the evil B.E.M’s? Find Out, In Our Next Exciting Installment!

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