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To: Moose@anhiester.edu
From: Drew@anhiester.edu

Dude. Where the crap were you last night?

Well, whatever, while you were off at the Gay Festival, Speedo was getting smashed, and of course, he remembers shit about the night.

So here’s the thing dude, remember Julie, that hot blond chick from that sorority that has officially banned everyone from our house but Chad? The bitch Bubs said could 'live in his pants'? Well, before I went to bed, Julie was blowing Speedo on the couch – I’m serious, she must have been hopped up on something, she was sucking so hard. Anyway, Speedo is half unconscious, and I’m drunk as fuck, so I go to bed.

The next day, I get up, and he’s still there on the couch, his pants unbuttoned, and holding this massive bra. Of course, I took pictures.

The only real question is, what the fuck are we going to do with these, should we mail them to Julie’s mom or what?

Damn, poor Speedo, gets laid almost as much as Chad and never remembers a damn thing. Poor fuck.

The Natural State of the American Fratboy
Subject: Speedo

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