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Fourteen Models, A Reflective Series

It's been said that you can’t put your vision on this man, that it is best that you follow the inspiration he has, rather than enforcing your own upon him. Perhaps this is because the man himself is a vision, an inspiration, a creative energy, and you can't put your will on a force of nature, the best you have is to watch and wonder.

I don't have much interest in writing about my life, though the events can be rather extraordinary; from tales about superpowers, excellent food, women without vaginas, men whose genitalia has become legend, my brothers publication in French anarchist journals, my mothers successful revolution, my fathers first performance in Carnegie Hall and the hilarity that ensues due to being a young person with wit and an extraordinary collection of costumes. If you find yourself interested in the actual events of my life, read his journal for we plot much, love much and conquer much together.

In future projects I hope to make him a Mad Scientist, devouring his creation, even as he patches it together. Dollar. The special challenge of Year One Batman. Midnighter. And anytime you see a prop of any worth he will be there, behind every mad creation.


I'm not going to tell you what to post in your journal, or how to do it. I want to, yes, and more than once the temptation to do so has laid itself before me. I would like it if you linked to news articles rather than posting the entire text. I would very much appreciate it if you cut those song lyrics vital to your mood. Furthermore, I cannot imagine that anyone is interested in seeing that many pictures of your cat. But above all, it would please me if no one ever posted poetry, which I hate as I hate all hell.


I do not pay for you to write your journals, and therefore, I feel I have little say in what you choose to do with them. I acknowledge that if I were to script them things would get dull very quickly, and so, I am glad that I have little influence in this area. I am well aware that the 'Friends List' is a 'Holy Land' that should be 'Free from Clutter and Length', but I'm afraid that, as large as my ego is, I cannot bring myself to dictate your style. I know myself to be guilty of so many written offenses of style and form that they cannot be listed without creating yet another eyesore of the internet.

So I will not admonish you for your style, form, your lack of punctuation or the number of quizzes you choose to post at any given time. And yet, as my journal is my own, if you are not a dear friend and I find your posts to be an annoyance, I will take you off my friends list. Know that my actions are not reflective of your character but more of my whims, my fancy.

If I have offended by my actions, removing you from such sacred space, you can do me the same turn, and I will weep for nights.
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