J.R. Blackwell (blackwell) wrote,
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Lots Going On

PinUp Party: PJThere are a lot of things happening for me right now. It's one of those hinge-point moments in life, where things take a turn for the different. There is so much going on right now that it's tough to cover it all in one post. But here it goes.


I've updated my website so that the content is still easy to find, but reflects all the projects I'm involved with. I wanted to make sure that information about hiring me for photography projects was easy to find, as I've really been persuing that recently. I've been blogging pretty regularly over there, as it's nice to get my content in a central location. I'm still on twitter and Google+ and Tumblr, but it's good to have a location that has all the information about me and my projects in one place.


This summer I did some underwater modeling for my friend Rae Winters, which was a blast. It was really fun doing stuff with Jennifer Rodgers.  I've been editing a ton of photos from my PinUp Party and I still have a lot more to edit. It is never-ending with that shoot.  I took some photos for my friend Chris's lovecraft show, which was great. It's nice to see my photos get out there in the world. I never get tired of working with actors. Actors are great fun.

Nick and Maria's WeddingWEDDING STUFF

I've started to investigate what to do in order to pick up some more weddings. I've discovered, after doing lots of weddings that I really enjoy them and I want to do more. They combine a lot of the things I like about photography - portraits, dress up, a sense of occasion, and telling stories with photographs. I have a wedding coming up later this month and several engagement sessions, which is exciting because when I finish those, I am going to put together a big wedding portfolio that I can take to wedding expos. I know there are photographers who don't like shooting weddings, which I understand, becuase they are exhausting and time consuming but for me, they are also this wonderful look into a love story, and I'm a big fan of love stories.


Next week, I'm planning the Kickstarter launch of Shelter in Place. Towards that I've been setting up the reward levels, video and text to go along with the release of the book and the project. I asked my friend Leah if she could make plushies for the project, and she has put together the most adorable little zombies. Each one of them is going to be totally unique. As such, there are limited in number, but I think that makes them more special.

I have the two here in my possession, and I hope run around with them and take some pictures of them in appropriately apocalyptic settings. That's them riding ponies on the left. Too cute.

I was interviewed about Shelter in Place for the Voice of the Revolution and This Just In from GenCon, which was fun. It's always a delight to talk about things I love - gaming, writing, zombies, etc.


I have a game idea that I'd like to get out as a draft before November, and I have a one shot LARP idea I'd love to put together for a Con. I also need to edit the novel, which needs a SERIOUS edit, and figure out what to do about Dr. Mercury.

So, that's what's happening!

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