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All The King's Monsters: Episode One

Before a game, I like to write down an "Episode Guide" for the game. This isn't a "this is what has to happen" during the game, but it describes characters, the setting, certain scenes that are likely to happen, and little pieces of dialogue for me to pull out when appropriate.  It's a structure for me to lean on. Coming up with NPC's and setting descriptions before the game allows me to free up my brain for when I do need to make things up on the fly.

This was the opening to Episode One: Someone Comes To Town. Tomorrow we're playing Episode Two: On Point. I'm already looking forward to it.

Episode One: Someone Comes To Town:

1754 France

It is springtime in France, the middle of May, winter in full retreat and the perfume of the garden flowers permeates the grounds of Versailles. The palace is surrounded by a large, English style garden, designed to impress visiting dignitaries. The message of the garden is clear - wealth exists here, wealth that understands how to tame beauty, and how to exercise control over the natural world.

It is evening, and the sun has just dipped below the horizon turning the sky an appealing purple color. But just because the sun is down in Versailles doesn’t mean the castle is closed, there are lighted lamps on the road to the Palace, guiding visitors, a troop of entertainers is currently setting up in the back gardens, and carriages with visitors and supplies arrive in a near constant stream. After all, nearly 2,000 people, servants, soldiers and courtiers actually live in the Palace and the surrounding buildings. Many of the people who live in Versailles are the heads of noble households, crammed into one or two room apartments. Dinner isn’t served until 10pm, a time when everyone is expected to turn out in the dining all, and every evening is an event where courtiers attempt to impress the King and jocky for social position.

Melina, Severe and Laurent have received word from a messenger that Rene and Zoe Achielle are on their way by carriage and will be arriving shortly.
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