J.R. Blackwell (blackwell) wrote,
J.R. Blackwell

I Am Editing

I am editing my novel. The edits are slow, but fulfilling in their own way.  By the second cup of coffee, I'm deeply into the meat of things, moving scenes around, adding descriptions. I consider this draft to be the "adding things" draft, where I add lots of details and thoughts, many of which may be deleted later.

I got to describe the plot of my novel to some friends on Friday, to which the reaction was "That sounds like something I'd read!" which I felt was promising. I have been asked to explain my novel on several occasions, which makes me feel like, when the time comes, writing a cover letter will be very easy.

I had a great experience writing with my husband and my friend Ben on Sunday, in which we talked a lot about characters, and I got to ask them fun hypothetical questions like:

"What would you do if you walked in a room and saw ten people locked in a cage?"

There are, now, about three chapters of the book that I would feel decent about showing to other people. Chapter four is giving me hours of entertainment. I have added a great deal of fighting into this book, defined some characters more fully and stopped repeating myself on certain points. In terms of progress, I  added about five thousand words and deleted about three, leaving me with a net of two.

Decent progress. I slog on.


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