J.R. Blackwell (blackwell) wrote,
J.R. Blackwell


LoveseatI have a lot of cool things. Costumes, props, accessories. I've been keeping a lot of this stuff because of the photography, because, when it comes to it, it's neat to have these things on hand to construct photographs around.

Day 257: Always Been Good To MeBut it's come to my attention that as fun and cool as this stuff is, I think I've done what I can with them now - I've taken the photographs I've been meant to take with these things, and it's time to find new things to create with.

So I'm getting rid of it. Costumes, club clothes, accessories - corsets, skirts, coats, dresses - it's time for it to go, to make space for what's to come.

And there are good things to come, I can feel it.

So we're going to be having an open house, on September 4th, all day, where we will be selling 99% of our cool costumes and props and accessories to anyone who wants them. We'll be selling stuff from 2$ - 10$ to make us an offer we want to get rid of it.  If you are looking to start a career as a super-hero you will not want to miss this. If you've ever seen a photo of me and I am wearing something you want, as long as it's not my wedding dress, I'm probably selling it. Feel free to send me a message if it's something you want but you can't make the sale.

Goodbye, earthly possessions. Hello, space! 
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