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So, What's the Plan?

Steve, Nick and Ryan giving me a demonstration on fighting the undead.

On the eve of a snowstorm, with the milk and bread all gone from the area's grocery stores, I've gotten to thinking about emergency plans. I mean, sure, we TALK about making plans for an emergency all the time, but have we ever really sat down and done it? Drawn up a plan with family and friends?

Do YOU know what you're doing during the Zombie Apocalypse?

Jared and I are equiped with a lot of leather outfits that will be great for avoiding zombie bites and a fantastic amount of weaponry, but our house is just NOT the place to hole up when the Zombie Horde starts walking. For one, it's in the middle of a freakin' city, and for two, we have a lot of ground floor windows and doors - which we all know is no good.

So, where are you going when the undead walk? Can I come?
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