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I've submitted these three photos to a self portrait contest that is sponsored by "Artist's Wanted". I love each of these photos, and I could talk about them for days. I wanted to choose photos that went together - like a designer that chooses what garments to include in her fall line - I wanted photos that would make sense with one another, that would have a theme. I had some conversations with some wonderful artists about a bunch of my photos before settling on these three as my final choice.

In these photos, the theme is about transformation, but it's also about the photos having an interaction with the audience. In each photo, I'm either reaching directly towards the viewer or making eye contact. It's about making a connection between myself and the viewer.

These are the kinds of self portraits that I love doing the most - I like to do something that doesn't always make me look pretty, but does make me look different, alien. It's me but not me. It's a version of me, it's a me I could become, it's a sliver of me, but not the whole of me.

Although, now that I'm mulling all of this over, I realize that when I took these photos, I was alone. Jared helped me set up the middle one, but other than that, when I take self portraits, it's usually me, alone, in a room. I take a photo, look at the result, adjust the lights, makeup, pose, and take another until I get what I want. Perhaps I'm not speaking to the viewer at all - maybe I'm having a conversation with myself. Maybe I'm meditating on what I could be, or expressing some small part of who I am.

Or maybe I want to show you that I'm not the woman you think I am.

You can vote for my portfolio here: http://www.artistswanted.org/jrblackwell
There is no need to sign up for anything or give anyone your e-mail, you just go to the page and click on the stars.
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