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Dear Internet,

I'm always hanging around, telling you projects I'm going to do for you. Well, dearest internet, today, I'm turning the tables. I'd like to share MY thoughts on the top ten projects YOU should get working on for ME.

Let's begin.

1. Monster Fighting Workout Video Series:
This is what I want - a four video series detailing fighting techniques and workout routines to get you into the best shape possible to fight specific monsters. In particular, I'd like to see workouts for wolfmen and zombies.

2. A fan-made Dr. Who music video (with costumed fans, not clips) featuring the song "Common People" as covered by Ben Folds and Shatner.

3. A way to make photos of Trolls who comment on the physical attractiveness of celebrities appear next to their comments.

4. A way to slap people through Flickr when they tell Katie West where to crop her photos. I don't think this actually bothers her, she's kind of cool and awesome, but it does bother me.

5. More lady comedians who put videos out for free. (Okay, they don't have to be ladies. They can just be awesome women)

6. A photo-shoot of Jonathan Coulton on a bearskin run wearing nothing but a coonskin cap as shot by Kyle Cassidy.

7. More photos of people dressing up as Discworld characters, especially The Watch.

8. More converts to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster who would create statues of all the prophets of the FSM (aka writers who were published in the holy book).

9. A cartoon video detailing exactly what would happen to you, in what order, if you were launched into the vacuum of space.

10. Free online fiction from (cough) J.C. Hutchins, Tee Morris, Kyle Cassidy, Mur Lafferty, Steve Eley, Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, Jared Axelrod (though that will probabbly happen anyway through non-internet means) Katie West (though it doesn't have to be fiction on her count), Filamena Young, David Hill and all the writers of 365 tomorrows (though they'll do that anyway, if I ask or not).
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