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DexCon: Shelter In Place

This Saturday, I went to New Jersey to run my game, “Shelter In Place” at DexCon. On the way there, my car was struck from behind in a hit and run, and I promptly got whiplash. Despite not being able to turn my head to the left without some nasty stabbing pains, I charged on to New Jersey, and at midnight, “Shelter In Place” had it’s first public run.

Fred the Zombie breaks some stuff

It was a blast. It was a great mix of people, some very serious gamers, and some people who had never been in a game that wasn’t around a table before. About 20 people showed up to play and at the end of the night, people were very positive and supportive with the direction of the game. There was screaming, hiding under the table, comedy, and a frenetic panic.

I had made some adjustments to the game in order to make it faster and easier to play, but through play I learned that some of those adjustments made the game run a little too fast. Now I’m back to tweaking the game to give it the optimal pace. I got fantastic feedback from the players – both on what they loved and what they had problems with. However, everyone enjoyed being a human and a zombie and the people that came for the first round all stuck around for the second (in fact, two people joined in the second round!) and the game was cinematic, fast and fun, which is exactly what I wanted it to be.

On Sunday, I sat in on the Indie Games round-table and I spoke to other game designers about Shelter In Place, and then I had a lovely talk with Brennan of Indie Press Revolution about publishing. I am so excited about getting this game into production.

The next step, after I make my tweaks, is to run it again and to have other game masters run it. Then it’s into full production mode.

Thank you Jared for being so supportive of me all weekend. Thanks Calli for all of the wonderful artwork – people were totally charmed by Fred and Thanks to Frank for saving the day and bringing your rocking crew to party with me. Thanks also to the DexCon crew for being accommodating and giving me the kind of space I needed to make the game a success.
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