J.R. Blackwell (blackwell) wrote,
J.R. Blackwell

Just. . .Don't Do It. (The Hive)

Do not take photographs while driving. It's dangerous and stupid and you could get into a car accident, die, and kill your husband and your friends that are driving with you. Just don't do it. Seriously.

That said, I took some photos while driving that are rather nice. Why, in the name of all that is holy, would I do this? Well, it all has to do with an art project launched by the ever productive, Mr. Kyle Cassidy, who put up a call for photographers to participate in a top secret project.

I am not able to resist things that are both photographic and top secret, so of course, I volunteered to participate. The project took 23 photographers across the world and united them in single moments - Kyle would send out a text message prompting them to take a picture, and wherever they were, whatever they were doing, the photographers would take a picture. This resulted in pictures of walls, people, and scenes that might not normally be photographed. It also resulted in the documentation of some lovely intimate moments - a friend reads a book quietly, a mother nurses a baby. It was a fantastic idea and the execution was delightful.

I learned things during this project that amuse me - that I spend a lot of time looking at the handsome face of my husband, that I live in a photogenic city, that I should carry my camera when I go out, because you never know what you are going to see.

The Hive Website: http://inthehive.org/index.html
The Final Portfolio: http://inthehive.org/portfolio.php
Kyles Explanation of events: http://kylecassidy.livejournal.com/528551.html

Here is a selection of photos I took, on Kyle's prompting, over the weekend of the project.

Saturday June 13th: 11:04am Unknown gentleman and Jared Axelrod standing in line for the taco truck.

These photos were not composed- there was no effort to reorient myself - but still, there is a lovely perspective and framing in this photo that is entirely unintentional.

Saturday June 13th: 1:33pm Parking Garage at Reading Terminal Market

Saturday June 13th: 4:38pm Alison Buck Reads Freakangels

Sunday, June 14th: 7:24pm On the Road

This is the photo I took while driving. I think it's lovely.
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