J.R. Blackwell (blackwell) wrote,
J.R. Blackwell

AMP Security Scam

There are amazing benifits to living in West Philadelphia- great access to cultural events, restaurants, public transport. I love being able to walk to work, the movie theater and my favorite resturant. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I skip out my door to go to 6:30am yoga to teachers that know my name. Down the block, at the little market, the guy behind the counter asks me about Jared's ankle, and how Brendan is doing living in Ireland. There is a feeling of community here, but also, a great feeling of diversity and access to some amazing events and people - all within skipping distance of my doorstep.

There are also downsides of living in a highly populated area - and though I prefer to focus on the positive, this was just so weird, and off-putting that I feel I need to write about it.

Two people came to my house last night at about 8:30pm, threatened me and tried to get into my house.There was a man and a woman, both college age, blond, in blue polo shirts with their logo embroidered on the shirt and shorts. They were preppy and good looking, and immediately, I was suspicious. There was just something too friendly, too fake about them both. The guy did all the talking - he held a clipboard and told me that his company (AMP) was the supplier for my security system and did I know where my phone lines were?

I told him that I was not interested in purchasing a new security system, and that we were quite happy with what we have.

He replied that people often are happy - and at this point, he looked away from me and into my window. . .until something bad happens.

At this point, I felt threatened and annoyed.

He asked if he could see our system, if it was voice activated, if my phone lines were protected. He claimed to know details about my home security (which he obviously didn't know, because his guesses were all wrong) He wanted to come into my house and install a system "for free" and "for the advertising" in our neighborhood. Of course, all this would require that I would let him in my house.

Right. So. I asked him if he had a business card. He said no because his office had "gone green". He provided no ID at all.

I told him that if he walks around my neighborhood at 8:30pm at night with no ID, no business card and asking to get into peoples houses, asking about their security, that people would call the cops on him. At this point, both of them left with some haste.

All and all, very creepy. At the best, these salespeople have terrible business practices - threatening customers! no ID! -and at the worst, they are criminals who are attempting to enter your house. Do not open your house to these people!

Apparently, according to these sites, they really could be either one.
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