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Escape Pod and Day 274

Day 274: In the distance, distance
Day 274: In the distance, distance
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Living ships are an old idea - even before scifi, from assigning a ship a name and personality to traveling in the belly of a whale, the idea of a ship being alive has some traction.

In my story, Escape Pod (no relation to the wonderful podcast) I take that idea of a living ship a bit further, and make a baby ship.

Spring and summer in the city are a time when you see a lot of infants being pushed around in strollers, or clinging to their parents necks. With friends both pregnant and hoping to soon be pregnant, I have infants on the brain. Any anything on my mind gets molded, one way or another, into a story.

Escape Pod: http://www.365tomorrows.com/08/14/escape-pod/
Tags: 365 days, fiction

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