September 13th, 2011


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Shelter In Place  The Shelter in Place Kickstarter is now online! We are live and taking orders! As I write this, we have already gotten halfway to our goal of $2,500 - which is very exciting, considering that we've only been up for about four hours. I am thrilled. THRILLED. Dancing around the room thrilled.

We kind of went a little crazy on the rewards side of things. When I look at Kickstarters - and I love Kickstarters - I've written about my love of them before, and I love them - one of the things I look at, after looking at the project to see if it's something I like, are the rewards.

I'm a sucker for cool rewards. The rewards for Shleter in Place include the book and PDF of the game - of course, but also a bonus "time traveler" character, t-shirts, posters, plushies of Fred (our little zombie mascot), photoshoot, and the offer to come to your town and run the game. Lots of rewards. I already sold out of two reward levels!*

Shelter in Place is a live action one-shot game of zombie horror with pre-generated characters. It's easy to learn and play. All the rules to play the game are on your character sheet. I designed it so that new players could easily jump in. For all my LARPer peeps out there - I wanted to make a gateway LARP - something you could run for new people so that they could get the idea of what a LARP is without having to read an entire book - an entry level LARP, if you will.

You can get your copy of Shelter in Place, or check out the other rewards here:

*The shotguns and the full prop set. Sorry to anyone who wanted these!