December 9th, 2010


Mortal Coil: Divinity

divinityMortal Coil's Divinity, a supplement written by Fred Hicks, is now available. The cover I created features my friends Deva and Holly, both gamers who have played Mortal Coil. They were photographed under a bridge on Forbidden Drive. The location is about a half mile from the parking lot, up a steep hill and over two bridges.

This is my 6th cover for the Mortal Coil supplements series. I have one more that is completely finished, one that is in the editing process, one that I'll be shooting in January, and one that I'll be shooting in April.

One of the things I have tried to do with these covers is to always put gamers on the cover. I wanted the covers to have a person who would play the game on it. So everyone you see on these covers is a gamer or involved in creating games. No one required that I do this - but it just felt right.

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