December 8th, 2010


Dear Sixteen Year Old Self

In your life, you will meet many wonderful people, and do a variety of interesting things, some of which actually contribute to society, but most of which are simply fun. However,the events of November 2010 are particularly notable, because in that month you will meet one of the most famous and acclaimed artists of our age, Jamie Wyeth. Jamie Wyeth appear at the Philadelphia Sketch Club's 150 Anniversary to receive an award, and you will meet him and have a brief conversation, lean on his shoulder, and make him laugh.

You will be wearing a fat suit, old man makeup, and a full beard.

You will have just turned thirty. No one at this party will know you are a woman. In December of 2010 you will model corsets for a local designer. These facts are a good example on how things are going, generally. And you are loving every single moment. You are living a life that is better than you dreamed it could be.

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