November 5th, 2010


Mike's Men

Men! (and one boy)

Sometimes, creative challenges make for the best photos.

Here's how this happened: Mike and Cheryl got married in Mexico on a super-cool destination wedding. But they decided that since not everyone they wanted to celebrate with could up and go to Mexico, that they'd hold a reception at home. They held the reception at a vineyard and asked me to photograph it for them. Of course, I was delighted!

Though I never drink when I'm shooting, near the end of the night I had a sip of the white wine, and wow - I see why they chose this place!

Anyway, Mike didn't have groomsmen for his reception, but he did want to get a shot with him and some of his male friends. I said "Sure! just get whoever you want in the shot with you out here on the patio and I'll do it!"

Mike picked out 11 guys! And a little boy! 13 people in all. Getting 13 people into a shot is a bit of a challenge (I feel lucky I've done imitations of the last supper in my photographs, or I might be stumped) but I asked all of the gentleman (and gentle-boy!) to stand on this little wall, I slapped in my fisheye, and I lay down at their feet. Then I took this photo, which is one of my favorite groomsmen photos yet.

Challenges can reap great rewards!

The other side of this is that I would have never been able to take this photo if Kyle Cassidy hadn't sold me his fisheye. The fisheye seems like it might be a kind of novelty lens, but it is absolutely a pillar in my event photography now. I use it for every single event that I'm at and it has changed my photography for the better, letting me take shots like this.

Actually, a lot of people have supported me over the years, and Mike, who hired me for this event, is one of the main people who has supported me. Mike has supported me in every one of my major projects. He was an early fan of 365 Tomorrows, Voices of Tomorrow, my photography, and every single project I've worked on. He's encouraged me in my art in a substantial way, and his encouragement has been one of those things that's kept me pushing myself forward. It was great to see him find happiness with Cheryl, and I wish them the best in their lives together.

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