August 31st, 2010


What I Learned on Sunday

Artist Timothy Hutchings is a Genius and a Gentleman and a Creator of Things and an Organizer of Awesome. Someone needs to take him around NYC with a tape recorder and record his commentary about the city because it is both illuminating and hilarious.

Zombies only need 10 seconds to eat someone. A minute, for the frenetic pace of this game, is too long.

Players come up with innovative and clever ways to "game" a game, methods I could have never guessed, but allow me to make the game even stronger than ever before.

Zombies shouldn't attack your Shelter until the second Act. It's actually scarier that way..

Holding hands with a group of people while you rush them though a Zombie-infected office space is a genuine rush.

Jared and Alex are fantastic at demonstrating combat, and I want to have them with me always when I run this game.

Ground Zero is covered with fences and tarp, like a shroud.

A bowl of Korean chicken noodle soup is large enough to serve the head of a man.

The ideal place to play Shelter In Place is an unused office building. I don't know when I will have access to this again, but simply knowing this to be true is illuminating.

People have been saying kindnesses about me, and the work I do, behind my back. I thank you for it, whoever you are.

When someone asks me to go on an adventure, I must do whatever I can to go, and if I can take a friend with me, then all the better.