August 23rd, 2010


Costume Sale!

This weekend, Jared and I went though our immense costume collection and sorted out the stuff we are keeping from the stuff we plan to sell.

Day Fifty Two: Purple

We have an immense costume collection. I love all of our costumes, and most of them are in good condition, but the fact is, we only have so much room to store things, and recently we've wanted to make new costumes - but with all the costumes we already have, we simply don't have the space.

Thus, the costume sale! Nearly all of our costumes are going to be on sale. We've got everything from hats to wigs to wings to full cosplay outfits (Venture Brothers, The Flash, X-Men) to Steampunk clothes (I think I counted six corsets I am putting up for sale) to a variety of masks, tights, hats, hoods, capes, coats, skirts and club-wear. This is about ten years worth of costume accumulation.

Listing what we've got would take a long, long time. Below the cut are some pictures of items we are putting on sale. Stuff ranges in size from 4 - 14 womens and generally in the L to XL sizes for men. If you see something you like, feel free to e-mail me about it.

A lot of people have expressed concern that this sale means that we are ending our costume making hobby. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are only clearing these out so that we can make more costumes. These costumes are ending their time with us, but we hope that they are just beginning their journey out in the world, to be used by other people, photographed by other photographers, and enjoyed as they are meant to be.

Jared's post on our sale with a selection of the menswear:

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