August 2nd, 2010


Objects In Baltimore Are Closer Than They Appear

Ceramic Cat
This cat looks like it's up to something.

New Lens! New Lens!

Even though it wasn't my birthday, on Jared's Birthday, Kyle Cassidy gave me a new wide angle lens! This weekend I got my first chance to really experiment with this new lens and take lots of photos. I feel like I can safely say that I took photos with this lens that I couldn't have taken with my current lens. It was great!

Obviously I don't know exactly what I'm doing with this new lens, but it takes the most amazing photos in low light. Before, low light conditions were the bane of my camera's existence, and we would both conditions are now open and available and ready for business.

Thank you Kyle for helping me to expand my scope and have access to a whole new tool in my arsenal! It's great. It's like a bunch of zombies are coming at me and I had a sword and Kyle just handed me a machine gun - I mean, I'm still going to use my sword, but having this machine gun totally changes the game.

Thanks Kyle!

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