July 28th, 2010


Shelter In Place -Planning

Fred the Zombie breaks some stuff I am currently working on a strategy for releasing my game Shelter In Place. I need to figure out marketing, pre-orders, who I can convince to carry my game, if I need to revamp my website, how to handle orders (if I get any), what conventions to attend that are a decent balance of money spent versus money earned, who to send review copies to, how much more art I need, if I should hold a release party (and where), how many copies to order (based on interest) if I should do a kickstarter, and if I do, what kind of video would be best to promote the game (I hate seeing myself in video!) and what my cover needs to look like.

Thank goodness I'm working with such a brilliant team. At the very least, I don't have to worry if my game if good. I know my game is good. And the art? Fantastic. And the graphic design? The best.

The rest of it is just planning.

All I need to worry about it getting it into the hands of people who will love it.
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