July 26th, 2010


Rachel and Russell

Cute Bridesmaid

When it comes to weddings, I feel very lucky. Over the time I've been shooting weddings, I've never experienced the horror stories that I've read about online. I've never had a "bridezilla" a lawsuit, wild family conflicts or payment issues.

All I've had was the honor of covering a day of celebration and family and love. Every time.

Shooting a wedding is stepping into one of the most intimate moments of a persons life. It's a mix of very personal and very public. Of making the personal public. When I shoot a wedding, I get to see these communities of family and friends, and all their humor, drama of the past and the kindness that binds them together now.

There is not much I can say about weddings without seeming extremely sappy, except to say that the more I photograph them, the more I enjoy it.

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