July 12th, 2010


Congratulations to Rachel and Russell!

Rachel and Russell

Congratulations to Rachel and Russell on getting married this weekend! One of the things I love about shooting a wedding is just being present in a moment where two people are declaring their love and commitment for one another. I get to take out my camera and capture the look on their faces as they talk about love and family and building a future together. It's a powerful moment. It reminds me of my own commitments and bliss. Maybe that's why I like shooting weddings so much, because being with someone is such an important point in their lives makes me recommit to my own decisions and reminds me of the joy of friends and family.

This wedding I got to shoot with my friend Ryan Roman, who seriously needs to make himself a website, because he was amazing and I know people will want to hire him once they see his photos from this wedding. I would shoot another wedding with him in a second, because Ryan has the energy and the eye to really capture a wedding. I'm glad I got to be with him on his first pro-wedding shoot. Thank you to Rachel and Russell to giving Ryan a chance to take amazing photographs at their wedding! 

Rachel and Russell also got an added bonus to their wedding photography, in that the night before their wedding, I, by chance, ran into Kyle Cassidy, who lent me THREE extra lenses and a SLR d200 to shoot the wedding with. One of those lenses Kyle told me was his "rockstar" lens, the lens he's shot rockstars with. And WOW! That lens was amazing!  The things I was able to do with those lenses! It was like a whole other range of creative expression opened up. I was able to take shots I wouldn't have been able to take with my usual equipment - and the shoot was the better for it. Kyle is such a generous and giving person, and I am so grateful that he lent me his lenses for the day.

More from this wedding soon!

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