June 21st, 2010


Her Side Comes to Print

Her Side Cover

Her Side is coming to print on Wednesday. It's a bloody, brutal coming of age story. But maybe most coming of age stories are brutal in their own way, and Mur and I are only externalizing the blood and pain, putting it on the outside, rather than having it rush underneath the text.

Maybe Mur and I are just being more obvious about the pain of growing into an adult, of making it though, of how you kill your childhood friends, of how you separate from family to become whole.

Though maybe you go back again. Find the good things in childhood. Heal. Move on. Grow those connections anew.

Or maybe you don't.

Holding this book in my hands at Balticon, I felt this swell of pride. It as a group effort to make this book, but working together we produced what I would call an art book - without any sense of irony at all - the design from Daniel Solis, the words from Mur Lafferty, my photos - this is an art book. It's a moody little thing, all razor blades and childhood and it doesn't really have a place in Waldenbooks. It's certainly not for teens, and maybe even it's only for adults who have grown enough to be able to look back without flinching. But maybe it's for you. Or not. But it's a beautiful little thing, and I couldn't be prouder of Mur and Daniel for our work on this together.

Launching June 23, you’ll be able to buy Her Side from Lulu.com.