June 9th, 2010



The Singer
This is my friend Libby. She has a new song out called "Power" which is amazing. You can listen to the song here: www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_4118338

I took these photos of her years ago, when she lived with me for a brief time. I recently came back to these photos and re-edited them with my post 365Days skills. What a difference that project made in my skills. It makes me want to go back and re-edit/reshoot everything. But moving forward is really what's important.

Libby's music is all about emotion and struggle and hope. It's so astoundingly honest and bare, it's sharing something absolutely true, without any pretense. Her voice is so true to herself. In many ways, it's the opposite of what I do with my photography - there are no characters, no stories, just the truth of what Libby is going through.

But in the end, we are both getting at the truth, just though different routes, and it's great to listen to the path she is taking to get there. I hope that Libby records more music, because she is amazing.

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