May 26th, 2010


Balticon 44: The Reckoning

It's beginning to feel a lot like Balticon - everywhere I go.

It's not a secret, Balticon is my favorite con. Some cons are bigger, some cons are better dressed, some cons have more celebrities, but no con has more friends.

That's it, really. Balticon feels like, and has always felt like, a gathering of friends. The people I know at Balticon are the kind of people that create culture. It's the gathering point of a group of people who have skills and talent and passion and who USE that skill and talent and passion to make things. Great things. And sometimes, it doesn't work out. And then they go back to the drawing board and try something else.

And I love that. I love that they try different things. I love that failure doesn't get in the way. I love that they celebrate each other, celebrate success and celebrate the act of trying something different - even if it doesn't work out.  Of course, sometimes it does work, and then they change the world - just a nudge and a thought and a shift, but damn if that isn't amazing.

My current job is working on a social media website for a non-profit. You know why I got that job? Balticon. Balticon and the game changers who have been at Balticon. I owe my job, my current lifestyle, to the early adopters, the creators, the programmers and the fans. So you better fucking believe I'm going to Balticon. And you better believe that I am going to put some love on the people there.

So, my schedule! 


10:00PM J.R. Blackwell Reading

The schedule is wrong. I will not be giving a reading on Friday night.  I wanted to give a reading, I have some nice flash pieces that I think all of you would enjoy, but I really can't. Why?

Well, apparently, I'm going to be in a gilded cage at that time.

About a week ago, Dr. Mercury called me up to let me know that she is going to be kidnapping me on Friday and taking me to her island to keep me in a cage eating raspberry chocolates. She said that I shouldn't worry, because she'll talk to whoever shows up. Which is nice, kinda takes the pressure off. And I like chocolate.


2:00PM: Tea on the Flying City
Jared Axelrod hosts a tea party for the launch of his new podcast - AND, a giant, super secret annoucement, which is better than you think it is. Really. Every time someone has guessed at it, it's always been WAY BETTER than the thing they thought it was.

Also, there will be tea.

11:00PM: SciFi /Fantasy Prom
I have been working on a costume for this for about a month. I still haven't finished placing all the bugs and the monster skin, but at least the headdress is finished.


2:00PM The TRUTH About The Universe
Ever get drunk with your friends and hatch an idea and make a bunch of drunk phone calls and set that idea in motion and THEN wake up the next day to realize that your idea is STILL AWESOME and then proceed to make that shit happen? Yeah, that's this panel. Laura Burns and I are creating what I think you might be able to call a power point presentation - and John Cmar and Jared Axelrod are going to present it, and though our combined genius you will learn the truth about ALL things.

4:00PM Girls' Rules Live!
My friend Viv has started a Girls Rules podcast, and I'm really, really, honored that she'd like me to be on this live show with her and my other lady friends Christiana, Mur, and Pip.

I hope to see people there!