May 17th, 2010


Steampunk Worlds Fair

I don't often write in a biographical style because talking about my life -my real life- what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with, always sounds like bragging. I've often written posts here only to delete them, because it sounds like I'm always saying the same thing - "Hey everyone! Things are great!"

But if I'm honest with you, really honest, then I just have to admit it. Things are going well.

Really well.
KVO Designs

I modeled in a fashion show on Sunday. There I am, in the photo above (kindly provided by awesome lady and new friend Bunny Greene, who also did my makeup and hair) modeling accessories from KVO designs. Karen, the designer, is very talented. That face-lace mask I'm wearing was so beautiful - I could see perfectly though it, but it lent this really cool air of mystery to the look.

I was asked to model last minute because a wonderful woman saw my photo on the internet and thought I looked pretty, thus blasting any body image issues I may have had into tiny little bits.

Before the fashion show, I was able to hear my husband read to a very nice audience at his reading, where he read some never before heard stuff(in front of editors from two publishing companies) including stuff from his brand new work which is going to pontifically premiere at Batlicon.

This weekend I got to see dear friends and family, I got to see Shakespeare performed by friends, I got to see my husband show off his talents in front of people who appreciate it, I got told I was beautiful about a hundred times and I got to see very talented people do the things they are best at.

Coming out of the fashion show, one of the people I was modeling with said:

"You should see yourself - you are grinning from ear to ear - what are you so happy about?"

And I said "I am living one of the best lives."

And I am, a hundred times over.

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