May 11th, 2010


My Perfect Night

My perfect night begins with soaking up starshine on my volcanic beach, a tiny golden cage at my side. Inside the cage, on a velvet pillow, half drunk on my special cocktail of knockout juice is Queen Helio’s firstborn daughter, her little brown eyes fluttering in an infant dream. I stroke her little crown with my gloved hand, the sweet smell of an infant in my nose, the night air around me like a cloak.

Queen Helio arrives on that plane of light she flies. She emerges, glorious and luminescent, her staff blazing in the night. With her glorious voice, she demands her daughter back. I tell her to bring me the body of her husband, and I’ll gladly hand the infant back to her. Hell, I’ll even throw in the gold cage.

For a moment, one beautiful moment, I see Helio actually consider my offer - her child for her husband. I enjoy watching her face struggle with the decision, to watch her fight herself against actually considering it. After all, her husband Trevor loves her, loves his daughter, if she asked, he might go. But finally Helio refuses, and we fight, and the fight is glorious. We exchange blows, she hits me so hard I fly for a few moments, sailing through the air. I hit her back equally as hard, throwing my arsenal at her, lava drones and electric flies assault her till she is terribly wounded. I enjoy the sight of her glowing, broken body bleeding on my ash blackened beach. I pack her back up into her Light Plane, and send it on autopilot back home, flush with the thrill of victory.

Then Trevor comes for his baby. He has no super-powers, he’s just a man, and he knows he cannot defeat me. And yet he must try, knowing that he’ll fail. The look on his face is as delicious as candy - he’s conflicted and hurt and resigned. Trevor isn’t a fool though, he’s packed some heavy arsenal for his fight, likely as much as he could find in such short notice. He takes a few pot-shots with his automatic rifle, and I enjoy the musical pings they make as they bounce off my personal shield. When I become bored with his attempts, I lift the cage with his infant daughter in front of me, and watch all the fight go out of him. He asks me, tears in his eyes, what I want, what he can do so that I’ll spare the life of his daughter. I point to the ground and he kneels, begging. It’s beautiful.

I open the door of my golden cage and smile, extending my hand in an invitation. Become my prisoner, I tell him, come willingly, come and be mine, come and live here, give your body and blood to me and I shall free your daughter.

Trevor stumbles to his feet and asks how he can trust me. You can’t, I tell him, a smile on my face. Oh, you cannot trust me, my sweet, my angel, my darling. You can never, ever trust me.

He walks into the cage under his own power, slipping his hands and feet into the manacles that I have opened for him, and I lick his tears away as the sun comes up over the water.