April 30th, 2010


20 Reasons To See This Motherfucking Play

Seriously, I have no idea why you would need to know any more information. I just said Steampunk 12th Night. What else could you possibility need to know to see this play?

Steampunk 12th Night

Still not convinced.Okay, fine. I get it. You're a hard sell. Gotcha.  Need a list? 20 Reasons? FINE! YOU'LL GET YOUR FUCKING LIST.


1. 12th Night is the best comedy of all time. IT IS THE ROCK THAT LAUGHTER BUILT. If you haven't seen it, you don't know what funny is all about. Come on down here and get yourself educated! 

2. Light up goggles

3. Swords

4. Amazing hats

5. Live Music

6. I bet you've never seen a production of 12th Night where the brother and sister in the play ARE ACTUALLY SIBLINGS? No you haven't. So you need to get down here and see this motherfucker! It's not going to be going on forever! 

7. Corsets


9.  10 Dollar tickets. TEN DOLLARS. Ten dollars if you are under 30, a student or a senior. If you are over 30? 15 dollars. Cough it up. Not that much for hours of classy, funny, eye-delighting entertainment.

10. Sweet ass steampunk costumes, many of them donated by Mr. Jared Axelrod, WHO IS HIMSELF STEAMPUNK. You cannot get more steampunk than having the fashion on the definiation of steampunk donated to a show by MR. STEAMPUNK himself.

11. Glow in the dark vials filled with mysterious fluids. Seriously, they are in the show- go and see it if you don't believe me! 

12. Some people reading this journal went to high school with me. If that is YOU (and you know who you are), then I need to tell you that FUCKING LIAM is in this MOTHERFUCKING show and you need to get out here and support him. He brings down the fucking house - this is the role he was born to play and I swear to god if you knew him when he was 14 years old you need to see this shit. You know who I'm talking to. Yeah, you. Get down here.

13. Music for this show was composed by Russell Collins who BROUGHT IT, BAKED IT and now HAS IT ON SALE. But you can only listen to this shit at the SHOW! If you want to hear it, you have to be there.

14. Photo guide by Kyle Cassidy.

15. LIVE SWORD FIGHTS. (I think I could stop here, but there is more!)

16. The actors are hot. Seriously. EYE CANDY ALL OVER. Delicious happy eye candy goodness. Your eyes need dessert too.

17. Have you ever seen a show where one actor with a small part glistens like a beautful diamond and you are like -FUCK YEAH, DUDE! ROCK THAT SMALL PART! NO SMALL PARTS ONLY SMALL ACTORS! So yeah, that happens in this show. But I'm not gonna tell you who does it because you have to come and see! 

18. This headpiece. WHAT? You think that shit is photoshopped? Well, let me tell you, that shit is NOT photoshopped! That shit is real! But you have to come see it with your eyeballs to believe it! 

19. Support community theater. They teach little kids who can't afford acting lessons on scholarship because they are nice people. Your Support helps pay for that.

20. I am going to be there TONIGHT! I don't think you need anymore reasons than seeing me. I am that cool.

Don't believe me? Even though I provided photo evidence? How about you read a review? Yeah, I thought so.