April 26th, 2010


Roll The Bones: You Will Never Play Like Common People

My column for Hub Magazine, Roll the Bones, has a new article this morning. I titled it "You Will Never Play Like Common People" and it addresses the "common sense" concept that you should never base a novel after a role playing game. After meeting a professional novelist who does just that, I decided to re-evaluate that idea.

Do you know what I came up with?

I came up with the idea that the people who believe this play shitty, shitty games. I don't know about you, but the games I'm in are freakin' awesome, the games my friends play are awesome, and I trust my fellow artists enough to understand that they'll figure out how to translate what will work from a game into an excellent story.

So yeah, if you game is shitty, please don't turn it into a novel. For the rest of you, well, my column is live. And it's here to support you. Like a bra.

In other news, this weekend I did a photoshoot with my friend Bunny. It was brilliant! She's a delightful model, very professional, very easy to work with, very clever in front of the camera.

Bunny also did the makeup for another photoshoot I worked on, which hopefully, I'll be posting the results of here soon. She's a great makeup artist - prepared for nearly anything with a tool for just about anything that can happen. I was very impressed by how clean she kept all of her tools. Bunny has a background in health, so she is very committed to cleanliness, which gave me a lot of comfort. I think I'll be asking her to visit a lot! 

This particular photo was taken on the roof of a parking garage. I know it looks like a studio shot, but it's not. It's all parking garage, all the time.