April 23rd, 2010


Photoshoot, What?

IllGottenGains So, this weekend is going to be exciting. Tonight, I'm going to see the opening sold out show of Twelfth Night at the Curio Theater. This particular production is going to be Twelfth Night Steampunk style, so you know it's going to be visually striking.  Kyle Cassidy already took some amazing shots of the cast, and that was before the costumes and props were even finished, so it's going to be even more off the hook than in those already amazing photos. According to the Curio Blog, there is a party after the show, which I know is going to be crazy fun.

I am excited to see Jared's costumes and props on stage. Of course, a lot of people's costumes and props went into creating this show, but I hope I can be allowed a little prejudice in saying how excited I am to get to see Jared's stuff on stage. It's not the first time Jared's contributed his props and costumes for a show, but seeing his stuff on stage just never gets old. Jared made some amazing pieces for this show, and I don't want to give anything away except to let you know that glowsticks were involved.

People keep saying that this show is going to sell out fast - opening night is already sold out - so if you want tickets, get them now, because they may not be available for long.

Then, on Saturday, I have a shoot with Bunny, who I have never taken photos of before but who I've wanted to take photos of for years. Seriously, years. We've both been busy, then she moved out of town. . .but now it's on! 

I'll also be shooting photos of Russell and Jared Saturday evening, along with another new model, Jerry! Jerry is so cool, and has such a striking look - big eyes, broad shoulders - I have this feeling he is going to be a freakin' amazing model. I've never met an actor yet that wasn't fun to shoot.

Oh, actors.

So, it promises to be a lovely weekend!