April 2nd, 2010


Remember that time when you were an angel?

And I was an old man?

My friend Daniel is getting married this Sunday to my friend Avalon. Weddings make me happy in general - but this one had me particularly excited - because it's the wedding of friends. Friends who love each other, who are good for each other, who care deeply for each other. That makes this even more of a delight.

I've been taking photos of Daniel for 8 million years - or rather, since 2004. He is one of the people who have been modeling for me the longest, and of the people who first modeled for me, he's one of the only ones who still models for me.

He's basically in every photo project I can get him in - he's amazing in front of the camera - poised, beautiful, and we've been working together for such a long time I don't need to explain what I need anymore, he just gets it.

I took one of my favorite photos EVER with Daniel:
Day Seventeen: The Little Death
This photo came to me in a dream. I woke up and said "SHIT - I NEED TO TAKE THIS PHOTO!" and I said it in all CAPS too.

So, Daniel has been posing for me for a long time, and then he brings over Avalon, who I immediately fall in love with. When I say, fall in love with, I mean it in a friend way - do you ever have the experience of falling for someone as a friend? You meet someone, and you think they are super pretty and cool and fun, and you want to hang out a lot, and learn more about the person and what makes them tick and you get all kinds of ideas of things to do together. It's kinda like falling in love, minus all the make-outs.

When I like someone, I often put them in front of the camera. Avalon was really brave and agreed to let me make her the star of "Her Side" a project I did with Mur Lafferty. She was amazing.

Daniel and Avalon

Sunday, I get to take photos of Daniel and Avalon's wedding. That they asked me to take photos of their wedding is such an honor, and something I am so excited for. But I'm even more excited that I get to be there with them on such an important day. They inspire me, and I'm glad they've chosen to be together. How lucky I am, to have friends like these. How lucky, how fortunate, how blessed.