March 25th, 2010


Totally Making Charts

So, I know that this is terribly vital information for you, here. Very important, life changing information on how I spend my time, which is why I've made this beveled chart in powerpoint, my new favorite program to make charts in.

You may note that I spend a lot of blue time in this chart, and a good section of red as well.

Walking around take up a lot more of my time than one would suspect, because my morning commute involves a half hour saunter. My novel is not really a Captain, but I gave her a title so she would feel the weight of responsibility upon her.

It is hard to measure how much time I spend with photography - because sometimes it's just about all day, and then sometimes I don't do it at all. So, that's tough to measure, so I guestamated a daily average. Listen, this chart isn't law! You don't have to obey it! 

Okay, now I need to go back to the Red section of my day.