March 17th, 2010


What Turns Me On

Projects, writing or photography, need to turn me on somehow - have something in them that I find so intriguing that I'm willing to go to great lengths to make a project happen.

Projects need to occupy brain-space, to distract me, to attract me. They need to be the kind of things that I'll think about when no one else is asking me - the things I daydream about.

  I've been thinking for a while about what my next photography project will be, where I want to go next, what's the next level for me.

Today I realized that what I want to explore is physicality between people. I've been exploring transformation for a while - making someone into something else for the eye of the camera - I still find this fascinating, but I think that my next theme, the next thing I want to do is to connect people physically in photos.

This is going to ask a lot more from my models. I want explore dominance, trust, attraction, struggle, submission, violence.

Shooting portraits is great - but now I want to do more than that.  In these pictures, pictures that happen to be some of my favorites - I touch upon the kind of thing I'd like to do next.

I touch upon it, but I really don't go far enough.

This kind of theme requires trust - between the models, between me and the models - it's a lot more to ask of everyone involved.

If this means that I can only work with people who have already established physical trust, I'm willing to do that - but I do need to take it to the next level.

The models in these photos - and you may notice quite a few repeats here- are my longtime friends, artists themselves - which is why it's hardly surprising that they were the ones that inspired this next move.

Jennifer Rodgers and Steve are always pushing composition in photos to a new level - Natalie has a sense of drama that always resulting in provocative photos, and Dan is one of my longest running models - he, and his natural physicality and grace with his wife, Avalon, make shooting with them a joy.