March 15th, 2010


Photographing Weddings

It's been pointed out to me that some people don't know that I photograph weddings. I'd like to correct this. Not only do I photograph weddings, but I freakin' LOVE photographing weddings.

I know that some people think it's corny and silly, but for me, taking pictures at weddings is delightful . It's work, to be sure, but fun work - the kind you don't mind doing, even on a bad day. When people invite you to bring your artistic vision to one of the most important days of their lives - that, to me, is a tremendous honor.

Look at these awesome people!

There is so much awesome at weddings. I enjoy the glamor of the day .  I like to see the personalities of the bride and groom shine through. I enjoy that it's a day about love and family and friendship. I get to be a part of people's joy - what an amazing thing that is! 

Dan and MA
That tie! The bride! So gorgeous!

Weddings are fun, and more than that, they are funny - laugh out loud, stories at cocktail parties for years funny.  Something hilarious always happens at a wedding - always. Weddings are beautiful - both on the outside (everyone in amazing outfits) and on the inside (about love and family and commitment).

Shooting weddings is exhausting. Though a wedding is only a day long event, it's a long day - it goes from watching the bride get ready in the morning to the last song at the reception (frequently around midnight). Shooting a wedding means being on your feet for hours, thinking creatively for hours, being engaging for hours. It's draining - but after it's done, it's inspiring too. I can be exhausted at the end of a wedding, but totally fulfilled - because there are few better ways to spend a day than in celebration of life, of family, of friendship, of love. Maybe I haven't been to enough weddings yet, but I can't imagine myself getting tired of hearing two people earnestly declaring their love for one another. I'll never live enough years to get tired of that.
Golf Cart
I want to give these people an award for the best sense of humor in a wedding party! Golf-cart-tastic

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