February 26th, 2010


The shirt off my back and more

I've donated the shirt off my back to The Boom Effect, a fundraiser for Sonic Boom, a little girl who recently lost her mother.  The shirt in question is the shirt I wore when I created the cover for Tee Morris's book "The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant". It's a one of a kind item, and something that I think that fans of Tee Morris might enjoy.

There are so many things that are up for auction here, things that range from scarves, to books, to jewelry, to a song written just for you,  to comics, to assistance in producing your own podcast. And since everything is donated, every penny you give goes right to a little girl's future. Basically, the range of things is out of control awesome. You sort of need to look through it just to believe the range of stuff that is being offered. There is a lot of cool stuff on there - goods and services, but let's get to the important question:

What am I going to bid on?

IFBB Fitness Pro, Elite Trainer 12 Week Personalized Workout Program - anyone who has ever looked for a nutritional personalized trainer workout program knows that that shit is EXPENSIVE. You are paying for someone's time and skills and to have it personalized is just. . .yeah, WOW.  The market value for this is pretty pricey, so I know that the bidding could go pretty freakin' high and you would still be getting a great deal. My money is going down on this one.

Custom Made Hand Knitted Hood: Yeah, so, this is made my my girl Nuri, which is good reason to put money on it, because she is sort of a knitting goddess. But there are other knitted goods for auction, but this one caught me because 1. I can pick the color and 2. HOOD =GOOD. I walk to work, every single fucking day. Rain, shine or, more recently, blizzard. And every time I get to work my hair is all fucked up because of hats and what have you. Then it's five minutes in the bathroom trying to get my hair together to look like I'm not a cavewoman. Nuri promises that the hair effect on this hood is negligable - and I believe her. I will fight you for this one.

A dress designed and created and fitted for you.
Um, yeah. WANT.

A Fan: So, this one sort of needs to be read in it's entirety to be believed - but I think that lots of people who do online stuff know that a good fan is MONEY and having someone champion your cause who is not you is huge and if I win this, I think this will end up being a present for someone I know. Happy Birthday, here's a guy who will fucking love your shit to bits.

Professional Agent reading your manuscript and critiquing it. Nearly every new writer I've never known has wished that this could magically happen for themselves. And really, it seldom does. Agents at writers conferences seem happy to give out general advice, but getting specific feedback on YOUR manuscript is basically unheard of. They just don't have the time. 

Sonic Boom Shortbread: So, I kinda know what you're thinking here - yeah, whatever, shortbread, uh huh. This was my thought on shortbread until last May, when I ate THIS shortbread, which is made by my friend MA. This is the best fucking shortbread you will ever have in your life. It is the platonic ideal of shortbread. It's what all other shortbread wants to be but isn't. I understand that this runs counter to the first thing I'm bidding on there - but this shortbread is just. . .yeah. It's good. 

You can read all the details of the fundraiser here: http://www.theboomeffect.org/?page_id=2

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