February 22nd, 2010



I had no idea how much creative time conventions were taking out of my writing time.

I love going to conventions. It's a gathering place for friends, there is always something fun going on, and did I mention that I get to see friends? It's a great place to meet people, to network, to chat. But I think that they were taking up a lot of productive writing hours.

This year, I've decided to take it easy on conventions. I'm going to two - PhilCon and Balticon. I hate to miss the other conventions, but this weekend, during the time I would have been at a convention, I wrote nineteen pages of a novel. Nineteen. I'm going to go ahead and tell you how amazing that felt. It felt AMAZING. It was a rush. A serious rush. I wrote as fast as my fingers would let me, I wrote out all these ideas that had been rolling around in my head and I just let them out all together and whoosh! Bam! Slap! It was fantastic.

And fun. Did I mention that it was fun? I wasn't exhausted, I wasn't running to the next thing, I wasn't squeezing it in anywhere. It was a serious block, a chunk of writing time devoted to nothing but writing. I wrote like it was my job. And I loved it.

It's obvious to me now that weekends are really my time to get the majority of my writing done. During the week I have maybe a couple hours every night to really get into writing fiction - and this is at the end of the day, after work and gym and dinner, it's about 8pm and then I need to go to bed at 11:00pm - and that's if I don't have anything else to do, like laundry, or cleaning up the house, or call my family. Time is unfortunately limited. So to really get into writing, it's gotta be the weekend, and filling my weekends up with travel was cutting into creative time in a way I didn't really understand before.

I'm now 46 pages into a novel I'm crazy about, a novel I started on January 1st. I don't want to stop. If that means that I'll have to be a little solitary until I get it finished, that's okay by me. The next time I go to a convention, I want to have a novel on my hard drive.
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