December 23rd, 2009



Cybrosis by P.C. Haring

Recently I've been involved in a bunch of in-progress projects that I can't talk about until they go live. (I've decided that all the work I've done in 2009 that I can't talk about is going to make me look amazingly productive in 2010.) The cover I did for Cybrosis is an example of just such a project and I'm happy to say that it is now live! Cybrosis is a podcast novel by P.C. Haring and I'm pleased to say that the cover photo is mine!

I took the photograph for the cover working with Rae Winters, who is the amazing model gracing the cover. Jared Axelrod did the graphic design that makes it look so sci-fitastic. P.C. is releasing episodes now along with some of the voice best talent out there. I am so happy that he asked me to help create the cover for his novel. Thanks, P.C.!

You can download the first episode of Cybrosis here:
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