December 4th, 2009


Jared Axelrod and the Magnificent Sprouts

Jared Axelrod and the Sprouts

On the one hand, this photo speaks for itself. It's a dapper young man with vegetables - what else really needs telling here?

On the other hand, Jared is holding a stalk (bushel, tree, mound?) of brussel sprouts, the vegetable with perhaps the worst rap of all time. On one hand, I can understand their reputation. If overcooked, they are awful. Also, they can be little bitter, so I can also see how a lot of children might be turned off by them.

But if you like cabbage and dark leafy greens, they are fabulous. They are like little baby cabbages! I can eat piles of them. Sauteed up -served with butter - delicious. Add some bacon - mmmm. Jared has magnificent ways of serving them that bring them to a level of good that makes them dangerous.

When we were buying vegetables a few weekends ago at the farmers market (like all east coast liberal elites are required to do by law) we saw the farmer take out this gigantic stalk and we just had to have it. The sprouts pictured were roasted and then sauteed, on the advice of our friend, Chef Kate. Delicious!