November 19th, 2009



Fred the Zombie Eats A Brain
Illustration by Calli Archer.

So, on Saturday, I'm moderating a panel on Zombies. This panel is focusing on cross cultural zombies. I'm thinking about bringing some media to this panel for the attendees- maybe some music and photos. I think it would be great if we could show a video, but I don't know how realistic that is.

So, obviously we will have to mention Afro-Caribbean beliefs about Vodou, Frankenstein (who may or may not be considered a zombie, depending), Romero's films, religious beliefs in Judaism related to the undead (I need to make a phone call to my rabbinical scholar to confirm some details on this) and some Christian beliefs about the dead rising on judgment day. What am I missing here? Ideas?

I need to go across the street during lunch and get into the campus library for some research. It's at times like these in which I'm really glad that I work at a university. I wonder if there is anyone who works here that's written some kind of research paper on zombies that I can kidnap and eat in order to gain their memories and knowledge.


What I mean is, someone I can talk to. Yes, TALK. Like what humans do.


I've got to go. . .
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Too Sweet

Okay, so I usually don't post twice in one day, but this is too sweet not to mention.

Playing for Keeps

I09 has made a list of the six books best enjoyed on your IPod and two of the books I created covers for are on the list including Voices: New Media Fiction (which, by the way, features my lips) and "Playing for Keeps".

Freakin' awesome!

Thanks to Mur for hiring me to create those covers. Mur sort of took a chance on me early on, and that led to opportunities later that I wouldn't have had if she hadn't entrusted me to make covers for her. I feel so blessed to be in the community I'm in.

You can see the list here:
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