October 2nd, 2009


Acting 201

ACTING 201 Midwives Collective and Gallery

Last night I dropped off a piece at the Midwives Gallery for their show "Acting 201". The premise of acting 201 is artists using a prompt to act out a moment. The prompts consisted of a single line that the artist would then interpret to take a self portrait. The artists were free to interpret the lines however they chose.

My line "It's gonna be really easy." brought up visions of someone who is overconfident in their own power. Of someone embarking on a task that should be difficult for someone else, but for them, will be, or they think will be, a lovely piece of chocolate cake.

For me, this prompt summoned up a vision of a Supervillain. Supervillain's are utterly self confident, make grand statements an again and again, believe that this time, this time, it will all be so very easy.

So the entry is a Supervillain, blood in her mouth, a black blade in her hand. The show is for one night only, on Friday, October 9th, three days after my birthday and two days before my first wedding anniversary. The show starts at 6pm and goes to 10pm. There will be lots of local artists present and, of course, the Midwives Collective, which is full of delightful ladies who are committed to art and local artists.