September 28th, 2009


I Want To Dance the Macabray

Seriously. I would love to dance the Macabray.

This is what we'd need:

Graveyard, Town Square, Outdoor Field.
(I think I know a few graveyards we could use)

At least 12 people willing to dance on camera
(might be able to rustle this up)

A choreographer
(Don't know any - unless some of you have talents you're not telling me about)

A selection of at least 6 period costumes
(Yes, but they are all in my size)

Someone willing to hold a camera
(Might be able to find)

A video editor
(May be able to beg)

A group manager
(need a dedicated super-organizer)

A director
(Know a few, none of them local)

It would be so amazing to have a spooky dance performed and taped and shared. To gather a group of artists to create something just for the purpose of making something awesome that people in the world will love. It's weird, having the desire to create things that are essentially fan fiction in dance form. It would be awesome, but is it worth the time and effort and energy to create something that is fan fiction (in dance form) of someone's work? Wouldn't it be better to spend the time working on my own artistic work? But if it's fulfilling, is it worth it anyway? Is taking the time to create something with friends and artists, no matter how derivative, always worth the time and energy? Would most of us have just played video games anyway?

(Every day, I come up with ideas like this, and then wrestle myself into doing my own stuff. If I made every internet video I ever thought of, I would have a huge collection by now.)

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