August 21st, 2009


Welcome to J.R. Blackwell!

A lot of new people have added me recently from the various projects I've been working on, and I thought it might be a good idea to give a run down on who I am and where you can find me.

Who I am!

I am a writer and photographer who lives in Philadelphia. I occasionally do some burlesque and contortion but only on special occasions. I love science fiction and fantasy and so that is what I write and photograph. I enjoy spending time with my husband, roleplaying, costumes, sexy people, smoothies, weight training, yoga, riding my bike, working in a castle and most vampire fiction. (Though not all.)

I have been published in print and on the web. I was first published in the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with an essay about Cake. It's hilarious. I'm told that Richard Dawkins has read it, which pleases me to no end since I am a Richard Dawkins fangirl. I have been published by Escape Pod, Hub and other fine magazines. I am a founding writer to 365 Tomorrows, which continues to produce a new piece of science fiction daily.

Warren Ellis said some lovely things about the 365 Tomorrows project in relation to "Burst Culture".

"*365Tomorrows was an ideal reaction to sf publishing in new media, the concept of flash fiction and the way the medium works. 100-word bursts of speculative fiction, daily. JR Blackwell’s gotten herself a career out of it. And note how 365T kept producing and fulfilled its mandate even as sf sites and sf print magazines died on either side of it."

He is right, I did get myself a career out of it. It was that and hard work. Always the work.

My photography has been on the covers of books and in magazines. I have been on the covers of books by Tee Morris, Mur Lafferty and Matthew Wayne Selznick. SubLit Magazine was the first to feature my photography, and Flames Rising was the last. I just finished up "Her Side" a collaboration of photography and words with Mur Lafferty that should be available for sale as a book. Can't say when yet. "Her Side" is also available as a gallery show, so if you manage a gallery, or if you want to see it in a gallery near you, contact me! I recently had my first art show at Constellation Books, where my prints are still available for viewing and sale. "The Hive" ,a photo project that was the brainchild of Mr. Kyle Cassidy, will have a showing down south in the Fall that I am hoping I can be attend.

Current projects!

I'm currently collaborating with a visual artist that lives in Philadelphia and a poet that lives in South Africa.

I am working on an illustrated novella with an illustrator that I have lovely dreams about.

I'm in the finishing stages of my roleplaying game "Shelter In Place" which I will be sending out to my trusted team of awesome game masters to test on their own crowds soon. I am working to have it available for sale come Halloween.

I am adding text to my layout of my 365 Days Book, which will be made available through Blurb. I am doing my best to make it reasonably priced - though having a book with over 300 photos does tend to make it difficult to keep under $40 - but I shall do my best!

Jared Axelrod and I are working on a comic script together. If you were in our office right now, you would see a giant board with index cards and plot points. We write something in this every day.

I am preparing to shoot two weddings, a debonair podcaster and a really hot pregnant lady in the Fall. I am excited about all of these things. These things are so awesome that I think I'll have to buy a new lens to celebrate.

That's not quite everything, but a lot of the others things are secret or on the back burner just for now. It looks like this fall is going to be a busy, busy, time. Busy, but good.

I can be found at these lovely places on the internet:

My website:
Shelter In Place: