August 12th, 2009


Her Side

Her Side has come to an end:

HER SIDE: All My Love

Ten weeks ago, (ten weeks!) Mur Lafferty and I started posting "Her Side" a collaborative storytelling project following a teenager named Clara on her journey of self discovery, a journey that includes quite a lot of bloodshed.

Mur and I created the story together, but Mur did all the writing, which turned out to be quite a lot writing indeed. Though Mur could have gotten away with doing snippits, she took up the challenge of writing a longer form story, one that delves deeply into the mind of Clara, the main character, and her development at a crucial time in her life.

It was, and always is, a pleasure working with Mur. Collaborating with her took me to places I might not have gone myself, and I'm very, very, greatful that Dan and Avalon (my models) chose to go along with me on that adventure. It was really a grueling photoshoot, one that challenged everyone and left us all exhausted. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such creative people who are willing to come out and see me on a weeknight to work hard to create something wonderful to put out into the world.

There will be a book of Her Side. I say that with certainty. We haven't figured out where that book is going to come from yet - if it will come from a traditional publisher, a small press or if it will be self published, but you will be able to buy it, and I promise to keep you updated on when you'll be able to do that.

If you haven't read Her Side yet, never fear, it's not going away anytime soon. Mur has done a great job of reorganizing the site to make it friendlier to new readers, so if you haven't been reading it, now is a great time to start:

Thanks to everyone whose read "Her Side". It's amazing to get to create with your friends - there are few greater joys.