June 17th, 2009


The Japanese House and Garden

On Sunday, I was carrying around my camera all day when friends were visiting. One of the stops we made on our whirlwind Philadelphia tour was the Japanese House and Garden.
The Japanese House and Garden
Establishing Shot!

The day was beautiful and sunny, my friends were on hand, and the place wasn't crowded. I wanted to move into the house right away, so that I could lay on the porch and look at the fish in the pond. Because I was carrying my camera around that day, I got to take lots of fun pictures. I don't always carry a camera around - my camera is heavy and I worry about it getting bumped around in a crowd and damaged. Though maybe I should carry around a camera more often, because strange and beautiful things happen around me and it's good to record them.

The Japanese Garden

My Party The socks of my best friends.

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