May 14th, 2009


A Crippled Carnival

One thing that having Jared on crutches, and occasionally in a wheelchair has shown me, is what a relief it is when something is wheelchair accessible. Having a decent place to go in a movie theater, those little dips where the sidewalk meet the street - I've become more aware of the details of bumps in the road and spaces between chairs. I always saw these things, but needing to have smooth surfaces and wide doorways has made me see them in a new light. In a few weeks, Jared and I will not need these things anymore, but I hope I will still be aware of them, and of the need for them for people for whom movement isn't as simple.

While I wouldn't recommend that anyone break any bones to see the world like this, there is any easy way you can get some insight into this point of view. "A Crippled Carnival" is the blog of my friend Skott, who is using it to write about his experience moving through the world as a disabled person. Obviously, no one person can speak for the whole community of disabled people, but Skott speaks frankly and clearly about his point of view.

Skott, Our Wedding Wizard!
This is Skott, just moments before he married Jared and I.

Popular fiction often likes to show disabled people as sunny, shiny, always happy even though they are treated like shit background characters with no controversial opinions, anger, or, god forbid, sexual feelings. If you are looking for a shiny piece of fake, you aren't going to find it in Skotts blog. Skott is s real person. When able bodied people don't stand up on the bus so that he can sit down, he gets pissed about it. And rightly so.

I'm glad he's sharing these experiences because he has insights I appreciate. He only has three entries up so far, but go encourage him to put up more, because I think that reading about his life will give us all much needed understanding.

You can read his blog here:

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