May 4th, 2009


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My story, “The Light Between” is up today on 365tomorrows. It’s about a Frankenstein Monster who builds a piece of art for an office park. Her name is Rae and she can’t control her tongue. Her "Doctor Frankenstein" is named Winston, who I named after a cat I saw on the internet. You may have seen videos of this cat. It's pretty cute.

The story itself is about being alive. Frankenstein is a monster who lives between life and death - but in many ways, this describes all of us - alive, but on a journey towards death. We are all in a transient state, it's just that the transient state of the Frankenstein monster is highlighted, just as any person who has a terminal illness has their own mortality highlighted by their situation.

Yet Rae does live, creates, and feels. She lives a life between being shocked by electricity and slipping into death, but when she's awake, she lives. The "light between" is that light between our own births and deaths.

Jared thinks I should expand this concept into a longer story - and maybe I will. The nice thing about writing flash is that it preserves the idea, the concept, in 600 words. For someone who gets a lot of ideas, it's nice to have a good way to bottle them.

Rae woke up strapped to a table, which was hardly out of the ordinary, but always came as a surprise. She had a headache, but that was to be expected, since she had a metal bar through her forehead. Her fingers were smoking.

“Bergh.” she said, although what she intended to say was “I could really go for a coffee.”

Winston leaned over her, jubilant. He was always jubilant, no matter how much she was smoking when her eyes opened.

“It worked!” he said, repeating his usual script. He was so pleased with himself.

“Graah.” Rae said, when what she wanted to say was “Get out of my face.” He was always pawing at her when she was strapped down.

Winston whirled away, laughing maniacally. “Brilliant!” he shouted. “I’m brilliant!”

You can read the full story here: