April 28th, 2009


The Popovers? The Popovers!

So today, I'm surfing around the internet and I notice one of my friends from college, Timothy David LaFollette, has a link the the myspace of the band, The Popovers.

"The Popovers?" I think to myself ,"The band that did that amazingly catchy tune to The Savage Love Cast that I've been singing to myself for a year? That band? I wonder why he is linking to them. Perhaps because they are awesome?"

And one click away I learn that Timothy David LaFollette, Catie Braly and other amazingly talented friends I had in college are, in fact, The Popovers! 

This has made my day! I love my college! Rock on! 

Also, I now suspect that everything awesome that I like may have someone I like lurking secretly behind it. Someday one of my college buddies is going to tell me that they are behind 50's retro fashion, cheap prescription glasses and strawberries.

The Popovers! http://www.myspace.com/thepopovers
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