March 23rd, 2009


Heather Welliver

Heather Welliver

Introducing Heather Welliver. Heather is a voice-actress, a singer, and all around creative. Heather and I have wanted to do a shoot with one another for a while, but being that she lives about three hours away, it's challenging to arrange. However, I'm glad we got together at the time and place we did, because I couldn't have asked for a better setting, or a better model. The setting was the Savage Mill Mall, which is quaint to the tenth power.

Heather, as you may have noticed, has nearly completed making an entire person inside her body, and is about to give birth. However, dispite the fact that she may be going into labor in the next week, she was able to clamber over abandoned train tracks with me to get some great shots of her.

I think she looks amazing. My obsession is with transformation of the body, and right now Heather's body has transformed so that a new life will come into the world. Heather and Marc are the kind of parents one might choose for themselves, were one able to choose: bright, creative, intelligent, compassionate, strong. It was a true pleasure to photograph Heather at this amazing time in her life.

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